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Ingenia Wellbeing Program for Over 50s

It is common knowledge that paying closer attention to our health and wellbeing over the age of 50 becomes increasingly important to ensure an independent and active life.

However, a 2015 report compiled by The National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre found only a minority of senior Australians were meeting the recommended level of physical activity and as little as 38 percent of those over 65 were sufficiently active (participating in at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week).

Ingenia Communities has pioneered a ground breaking new program that puts its residents in the driver’s seat by providing tailored information, advice and care coordination to improve their health and wellbeing. We’ve called it Ingenia Wellbeing.

Ingenia Wellbeing is an initiative developed by General Manager Care Development, Janene Eagleton, joined by local health experts to deliver preventative programs tailored to the differing needs of women and men.

“The program is all about encouraging our residents to take charge of their lives and wellbeing through exercise, education and relationships and to maintain this control to live as independently as possible in the years ahead.

“Ingenia Wellbeing also arranges referrals to health, care and support services so that residents can get on with enjoying life and ticking off their bucket list,” Janene said.

The 8-week wellbeing program is available for a small weekly fee for Ingenia Lifestyle residents and prospective residents thinking of joining a community.

What’s it all about?
The program connects residents at any stage of life with relevant, knowledgeable professionals, offering a diverse range of services from personal care to physiotherapy, podiatry, technology experts and also important discussions on planning ahead.

“The community camaraderie in these wellbeing groups is really wonderful to experience – this is what living a full and independent life is all about,” Janene said.

Residents living in an active community benefit from so much more as they are able to achieve individual goals or work together with the friends and neighbours on similar health and wellness preferences.

What does the program include?
The Ingenia Lifestyle Wellbeing program can be tailored accordingly to the variety of residents involved and touches on a broad range of topics.

The next Ingenia Wellbeing program in Queensland
Ingenia Lifestyle Chambers Pines commencing from 30 March. Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania commencing from 6 April. To register your interest or for more information on the 8-Week Ingenia Wellbeing Program please contact Janene on 0418 698 694. Participation fees are $10 / week.