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Our turn to relax in retirement!

After years of working hard, serving for our country, raising children, and maintaining their large home, Ian and Di Dougall decided to make the move a little earlier than expected in their early 60’s, so they could take advantage of their good health and new lifestyle.

Their move saw them downsize from the busy western Sydney suburb of Windsor to regional NSW in Albury, moving from a large four bed, two bath, two garage with big yard.

“The motivation was to downsize and move out of Western Sydney and away from the hustle and bustle. Sydney was not an option for us after we stopped work. It didn’t make sense for us to stay there. We have studied and worked fairly hard all our lives, also serving in the Navy together and now after a long, long time it’s our turn to be rewarded and relax.

“We also wanted to be closer to family in Bendigo and to lock and leave to travel but couldn’t do that with a big house and no one to maintain it while we are away.

The Dougall’s house sold quickly in a buoyant property housing market in late 2016 and they made a smooth transition to Ingenia Lifestyle Albury with the sale of their old home funding a brand new home and lifestyle.

“We love the regional feel about Albury, it’s a great destination to do day trips from. You see so many people getting out to the Murray River, Beechworth and Melbourne, which is only a 3 hour drive, plus it’s a bit cooler here and the people also really make it what it is here.

“Albury had been ear-marked for a lot of change and it’s now seeing the benefits with all the facilities, hospital, automotive services for caravans, as we are planning more travel.

After seeking out the different retirement living options, doing their homework and visiting many competitors Ian and Di knew independent living was what they wanted.

“We did not want aged care, we knew the differences between the options after reading Noel Whittaker and Rachel Lane’s book about the different retirement living models available and we liked the land lease model. We understood it and other people should know the benefits of it too.

“The reason for choosing Ingenia Lifestyle was the no exit fees and knowing this is the case if we were to leave. The no exit fees presented a better package overall than a retirement village offering or if we were to buy a freestanding home or townhouse.

“The quality of the home and the natural landscape made it different to the competitors. It’s in a bushland setting with a lot of nature around us, not just rows and rows of houses. The land lease living means paying rent, but we knew that was part of it and it’s reasonable, it’s not too bad and the other bills are less. It’s not for everyone but we think people should be more educated about this land lease model.

“We retired and downsized a little earlier, at age 61, while we still have our health. We’ve now been to too many funerals so it was the right time to free up the capital, fund the next stage of life and have a new milestone to look forward to.

When asking Ian and Di what does downsizing means to them, they had some genuine responses.

“Our new home means less clutter and less upkeep!

“We’ve made new friends, our wellbeing has improved and there’s not as much house work, overall it has been a lot better for us.

“We take part in the social activities, we go exercising, use the pool and Ian rides his bike around the community.

“The Ingenia Care program is care for when we need it, it is an insurance policy for us,” they both agreed.

If you’d like to discover more about the downsizing journey and what life is really like at Ingenia Lifestyle Albury, come along to the Country Living Expo, Saturday 28th October 10am to 2pm at Ingenia Lifestyle Albury, 7 Catherine Crescent, Lavington. Call Megan on 0459 955 122 for more info.