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Leasebacks: from rental income to your future home

Choosing when to downsize is a delicate balancing act. Many factors can influence your decision; from family commitments and travel plans, through to housing market conditions and simply having enough time to work through everything necessary to downsize. Investing in Ingenia Lifestyle’s leaseback offer can be a great opportunity to secure your future home at today’s market prices and earn rental income until you move in or sell.

What exactly is a leaseback? It’s essentially when you buy now, and move in later. A leaseback is designed as an alternative way to buy into a lifestyle community for those who aren’t ready to move just yet, but can picture themselves there in a few years. Buyers secure their home now, and the home is leased back from them at attractive rental rates.

Leaseback homes offer a number of benefits, including a locked-in rental yield for an agreed period with limited outgoings, no council rates or stamp duty, access to the community facilities during the leaseback period, and the freedom to choose whether to move in or sell at the end of the agreement. Securing a home at today’s market prices also means there’s opportunity to realise potential capital gains before you even move into the property. And like all Ingenia Lifestyle homes, any capital gains are yours to keep.

In fact, Rosalie and Raymond are a couple from Sydney who have already realised capital gains on their Ingenia Lifestyle leaseback home. They fell in love when they viewed the display homes after researching downsizing online, but they wanted to take some time to explore our beautiful country together before moving. The leaseback option was perfect for them, giving them peace of mind that a beautiful, well-constructed home was ready for them when they finished their travels. Property market growth has meant their leaseback home’s value has already increased since they purchased in 2018 for $544,900, so they will move in knowing their home is worth over $50,000 more than they paid. And what’s more, the leaseback meant their home offered them a regular income while fulfilling their wanderlust.

Leaseback homes are a limited opportunity, because they’re utilised for specific purposes in a community – like as a display home. But while it’s a limited opportunity, it’s also a fantastic one. Because display homes are fitted with added extras – like blinds and plantation shutters – and they’re positioned in the best location in the community. Which means when you decide to move in, you’ll be close to the resort-style facilities, not to mention surrounded by luxury in your spacious, light-filled home.

Here’s a quick video about our friend Pete to explain why the leaseback option was the right one for him and his lovely wife, Ruth.


Ingenia Lifestyle’s leaseback offer at a glance

★ Buy now, move in later
★ You own your future home, we lease it back from you for an agreed term
★ Limited outgoings
★ Attractive monthly rental income – 6% net yield per annum if you settle by 30th June 2022
★ Big cash savings with no stamp duty
★ No council rates
★ No entry or exit fees
★ Realise potential capital gains during the leaseback
★ Prime location in an Ingenia Lifestyle community
★ Extra inclusions like blinds
★ More mature landscaping when you move in
★ Access to the resort-style facilities during the leaseback period
★ Flexibility to choose whether to move in or sell at the conclusion of the lease

We’d love to welcome you home to an Ingenia Lifestyle community; now, or in the future.