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Enriching Your Life Through Volunteering

The idea of life post-career can sometimes be difficult for those who find themselves with an additional 40 hours of free time to fill each week.

Volunteering can play an incredible role in staying social and active after retirement, while also providing an opportunity to help out your local community. The wealth of experience and diversity of skills that over 55s can bring to charitable organisations also makes this demographic incredibly valuable.

In honour of National Volunteers Week, we were pleased to celebrate our volunteering residents including Alan Buckley from Ingenia Lifestyle Albury, who was a professional musician for 30 years, and now dedicates his time to volunteering.

Originally from England, but travelled to Australia 10 years ago to be closer to family, Alan and his wife Lillian downsized from Victoria’s Mornington Peninsular.

They looked everywhere in Albury and chose Ingenia Lifestyle as they loved the master plan that retained the original feel of the environment with plenty of trees and natural landscape.

Alan started volunteering soon after moving in as he didn’t want to stop playing music. “The music I play for people is therapy and allows them a memory flashback from when they were in their prime in their 20s or 30s, active and dancing.

“They remember and sing and say how much they really enjoyed hearing these songs again, it helps bring back their youth.

“I encourage people to volunteer, it gives me a sense of achievement and it fosters a community spirit,” Alan said.

For people wishing to get into volunteering here’s a few more reasons you might consider adding volunteering to your must-do list.

A lifetime of knowledge
Over 55s can bring leadership, commitment and consistency to ongoing volunteer roles, such as coaching a sports team, providing administrative assistance or as a scout leader.

Stay social, stay active
Volunteering is a great way to meet people who share similar interests – including donating their time to the community. It’s also an activity that everyone can be involved in – so you can share the experience with your neighbour, spouse, children or even grandchildren. For those looking for a way to keep their fitness up,
volunteering as a sports coach will keep you on your toes. Others may prefer something a bit quieter, such as manning an op-shop or library counter several times a week.

As flexible as you like
Whether you have one hour each week or all the time in the world, there’s likely to be a volunteer opportunity that will suit you. Be clear about how much time you have to offer when you approach an organisation so it can find the right position for you. There’s also plenty of websites, such as Go Volunteer and Seek Volunteer where you’ll find tens of thousands of positions, to suit any interest and availability.

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