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Discover how to Zoom

Self-isolation has changed the way we communicate with our friends and family. Many people have started using video chat to connect with loved ones, manage medical appointments or catch up with important services like the Ingenia community office.

There are many video chat platforms available on the phone, tablet and computer including Zoom, Facetime, Skype and Messenger. Ingenia has recently started using Zoom to stay connected.

Zoom is a chat and conferencing platform that allows you to chat with one or many people using video or audio calls. Zoom can be used on a computer, mobile or tablet for free.

Ingenia Lifestyle has a paid service so we can host social events and community meetings during the isolation period to help maintain our community connections, connect with future residents, and share important community information.

How to use Zoom
Download the application
On your computer:
Download the Zoom application
On your Apple iPhone or iPad
• Download the Zoom app from the Apple App Store
On your Android phone or tablet
• Download the Zoom app from Google Play

This will install the software on your computer or phone.

Sign up
• Use your email address
• Create a password
• Optional: Click ‘Keep me signed in’ so the application remembers you

You are now ready to go!

Starting or joining a meeting
Open the Zoom app on your computer, phone or tablet or go to zoom.us
There are three meeting options the help you start or schedule a planned meeting:
• New meeting: Start an instant meeting
• Schedule: Plan a meeting in the future
• Join: Use this option to join a meeting that’s in progress

Start an instant meeting
1. Select ‘Host a meeting’ or ‘New meeting’
2. Use the Personal Meeting ID to create a secure meeting code (this is not mandatory but can provide additional security)
3. Click ‘Participants’ and ‘Invite’ to invite friends by email or text message

Schedule a meeting
1. Select ‘Schedule’
2. Give your meeting a name ie. Bob’s birthday catch-up
3. Input the meeting time and date
4. Adding a password to the meeting can provide additional security
5. Select video on and participant video on to create a video meeting
6. Select done. This will create an email invitation. Add the meeting participants

Join a meeting
1. To join a meeting that’s in progress, you will need the Meeting ID
2. Type the Meeting ID into the field and select ‘Join’

Now you know the basics of how to get started, call you neighbour, friends, or family, and get chatting.

Remember: the more you use these platforms, the easier it becomes!

If you need further assistance getting started, go to the Zoom Help Centre.