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Ingenia Communities is reviewing an opportunity to become part of the Ewingsdale community. Our goal is to create a masterplanned lifestyle community shaped by the region and through community consultation.

Over coming weeks, we are reaching out to connect with current residents and local leaders. We want everyone to participate in the discussion.

Our goal is to deliver a proposal that is sensitive to its setting in Ewingsdale, minimises impacts, enhances environmental outcomes and restores Higgins House.

We encourage you to provide feedback and help us to develop, protect and repair the things that make Ewingsdale uniquely wonderful.

Uniquely Ewingsdale

We respect that Ewingsdale is a region where residents are rightly proud of their heritage, lifestyle, landscape and environment. That’s why we are engaging with the community – so you can give us feedback and we can preserve what makes the region “uniquely Ewingsdale”.

We’ll be proactive in protecting this much loved region which is a wonderful place to live, work, own a business and to visit.

The masterplan has been prepared taking into account feedback from the prior proposal with considerations being proactively made.

We encourage you to feel confident as a valued member of the region and simply request you express your feedback productively and with courtesy to our team.

Things to know...

Our proposal will:

  • Guarantee and fund the restoration of Higgins House
  • Constrain development to about 45 percent of the site and keep the majority of open space for environmental management
  • Fund a new roundabout at the intersection of Ewingsdale Road and McGettigans Lane in the first phase of the development
  • Collaborate with the neighbours and invite their views and input to help us create a community that establishes new leading-edge sustainable design principles and benchmarks to ensure we reflect the character of Ewingsdale and that the community can be proud of

Things to know...

Unlike the prior proposal

This new proposal will:

  • NOT have commercial, retail or medical uses on the site
  • NOT allow for commercial uses of Higgins House
  • NOT permit multi-storey development, instead commit to a single storey-built form that is screened from the surrounding roads
  • NOT remove a single tree of any environmental significance

Wonderful Ewingsdale

Ingenia Communities wants to develop a plan (below) which considers how the local region can be respectfully enhanced and invigorated. Our concept plans allow us to:

  • Protect the environment
  • Focus on sustainability
  • Limit changes to terrain/sight lines

Ingenia Lifestyle Ewingsdale Map

Ingenia believes there is clear demand for and a shortage of options for over 55s to retire or age in place in the Ewingsdale region.

Part of our ethos as a company is that it is essential people have an option to age in place – we want to ensure that residents in Ewingsdale and the broader Byron area have that option too.

We know as people grow older, they want to stay with their established family, social and other networks.

The right proposal – enhanced by community engagement – will allow us to deliver a quality lifestyle community and preserve the heritage and conservation values of the site.

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