Spring into your new lease on life

Spring is a great time to get out of the house, socialise more and stimulate your mind and body with new activities, including decluttering and downsizing.

With the arrival of the Spring season you might be finding it the perfect time to reorganise, revitalise and pursue a fresh lease on life. And with these easy-to-integrate tips you can make the most of the fun-filled sunny days.

1. Try something new… just for the helluva it
Why not get together with a group of friends and start something new? Or look over your bucket list and plan your next adventure.

2. Spring Clean
Use the change of season to throw out or donate old clothes, linen, books and boxes of stuff you don’t use and open your eyes to things you’d forgotten you had.

3. Feeling thirsty?
In the warmer months we tend to drink a lot more tempting icy drinks like smoothies, juices and iced teas. Unfortunately though, these drinks have excessive amounts of sugar, so reach for the water as a first option and add a slice of lemon, lime or cucumber for flavour.

4. Get active
Exercise is vital for staying healthy throughout life. Take advantage of the longer hours of daylight by squeezing in an early morning or evening fitness activity. Why not make it fun by asking along a friend?

5. Look after yourself from within
After the cooler months fighting colds and other winter bugs, your body’s immune system could be exhausted. Incorporate additional booster foods such as garlic, fresh vegetables and lots of fibre into your diet.

6. Cook simply
Be inspired by the fresh spring air and abundant fresh produce around, to cook simply yet healthily. There are thousands of fuss-free recipes available that are both delicious and healthy.

7. Declutter, Downsize and Do More!
It feels great to declutter the home and open a cupboard door to find well-organised shelves and drawers, but what else is on your Spring to-do list? If you’re looking to head off on an adventure but need to unlock the equity in your home, downsizing could be the answer.

Moving to a smaller, more manageable home generally provides the chance to free up both capital and time, and take stock of a lifetime of collected possessions and connections to the family home.

By approaching it as a time to declutter and embark on a fresh new chapter in life, the joys of a more relaxed, unburdened lifestyle soon become apparent.

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