Lara lovebirds rekindle in retirement


Residents at Ingenia Lifestyle Lara have rekindled their love as a twist of fate had them move into the same lifestyle community, buying homes only a stone’s throw away from each other.

Di and Bruce Johnson, both in their sixties, purchased properties at the Ingenia Lifestyle Lara community just outside Geelong in early 2017 unbeknownst to the other.

The ‘meant-to-be’ couple re-found romance when they both began spending time in the community’s Be Active program, where residents meet to partake in social activities focussed on health and wellbeing.

Loved up resident, Bruce, said fate and a new lifestyle had bought the couple back together.

“Although separating was truly awful, we would not have sold our home and downsized to Ingenia Lifestyle Lara otherwise, and if it wasn’t for this fantastic community we might not have gotten back together – it’s been one of the best things to happen to us and our relationship,” Bruce said.

“After we began spending more time together again, I decided to open a love letter Di had written to me when we separated.

“I previously couldn’t bear to read the letter so I hadn’t opened it, but having the new found hope that we were rekindling, I thought what the heck, after reading the letter, I knew I was not letting this woman go…again.”

Di, a former retailer, and Bruce, a retired journalist originally got together in the late 90s and tied the knot 18 months later in Bruce’s backyard in the year 2000.

“When Bruce moved into the community we often saw each other around or passed each other in the street – we both love being social so we had a number of mutual friends in the community,” Di said.

“One day, we were all chatting in the community clubhouse and it came up that I had been a bit unwell – after that Bruce came over for a cup of tea to make sure I was doing ok.

Following that we continued to catch up and run into each other at Ingenia’s Be Active events and activities.

“Within days of deciding we still wanted to be together, we each put our homes on the market and decided to buy a bigger home together, within the Ingenia community.

“As luck would have it, there was an open day that weekend, so we thought it was great timing, or possibly fate.”

The pair planned their second honeymoon and decided the Ingenia brand was their good luck charm and holidayed at Ingenia Holidays Cairns Coconut resort.

Ingenia Lifestyle Lara has brand new homes starting from $290,000.

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