We’re excited! Best Land Lease Living Award 2018


We’re excited to announce that we have won the Best Land Lease Living Award at the 2018 Caravan and Camping Industry Association’s (CCIA) Awards for Excellence.

This award from the New South Wales based CCIA is a recognition of excellence in lease living communities focused on seniors living. As a joint winner, Ingenia Lifestyle The Grange was recognised for its high achievement and success in marketing, sales, community engagement and operations.

The community has been an ongoing success for Ingenia with many over 55s choosing to the innovative land lease model and supportive community environment. The land lease model means no strata management or body corporate fees, no council rates, no stamp duty, no exit fees and no refurbishment costs.

With fewer out-of-pocket housing-related expenses, downsizers are able to free up capital to transition to a new life with better financial health.

Ingenia Operations Manager Stephen McLean said Ingenia Lifestyle had become a strong disruptor to the traditional housing offering for seniors with its land lease ownership model.

“Ingenia Lifestyle have created a simple, competitive, value-driven and transparent housing model, whilst leading innovation in the lifestyle community market for Australia’s rapidly ageing population,” Mr McLean said.

“Since acquiring the community in 2013, we have made significant upgrades with the addition of a new $1 million clubhouse for residents and the introduction of community focused events, such as the Be Active program.”

The nation-wide Be Active program offers free monthly events, social engagements and wellness workshops for residents eager to stay fit while in the company of their friends and neighbours.

Each of our unique Ingenia Lifestyle locations have that “welcome feeling” that is sought after by many over 55s downsizers…

“The dedicated team at The Grange deliver an active social calendar and wellbeing program for the residents – the Be Active Program supports, improves and helps residents maintain their lifestyle through events and activities – creating stronger, healthier and more social communities,” he said.

“It’s important for the residents to build connections within the community – we consistently reinvest in and reengage with the community, ensuring that all residents become a part of Ingenia Lifestyle The Grange.”

More than 3,500 Australian seniors currently call an Ingenia Lifestyle community home, across more than 20 locations in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Our residents enjoy a lifestyle based on independence, wellbeing and active living.

The Ingenia Lifestyle model is unique in that buyers purchase a brand new home and lease, rather than own, the land, offering a much more affordable entry price point and eliminating the need to pay stamp duty. If you are considering downsizing to an affordable and enjoyable over 55s lifestyle – click here to explore our Ingenia Lifestyle locations.

Seeing is believing. Contact the team at your choice of Ingenia Lifestyle location for a community tour. You’ll be glad you did!

Liberate yourself from clutter and spark more joy!

It has been scientifically proven that mess and clutter is linked to our emotional wellbeing, but how do you declutter decades of precious memories?

That’s the dilemma organisational guru Gemma Quinn went to solve for South East Queensland seniors with her innovative new decluttering method that’s sweeping the world by storm.

Gemma was the first Australian to be gold certified in the KonMari movement – a global phenomenon started by Japanese author Marie Kondo – where millions are now transforming their homes and lives and are on a path to self-discovery, mindful living and fulfilment.

As a decluttering specialist, Gemma said senior Australians are often emotionally paralysed when it comes to their possessions, which can impact their quality of life, sometimes in dramatic ways.

“Seniors know what life is about – life can be short and life can be hard, and it is always real. But, you can’t live an ideal life if you’re constantly living in the past – it’s important to focus on the positives and bring more clarity to your life,” Gemma said.

Ingenia Lifestyle Regional Sales Manager Sharon Mason said downsizing doesn’t mean getting rid of everything but empowers seniors to recognise what is truly important to them.

“One of the major factors that people need to consider before downsizing is what are they going to do with all of their stuff.

“Learning to organise their home allows people to discover how they can use their space more efficiently and stay healthy and happy as they move into the next stage of their life,” Sharon said.

Learn the KonMari Method™
The KonMari Method™ is about decluttering and tidying your home which can allow you to work towards your ideal life focused on items that truly spark feelings of joy, leaving negative emotional baggage behind.

1. Commit yourself to tidying up
2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle
3. Tidy by category, not location
4. Follow the right order
5. Ask yourself if it sparks joy
6. Finish letting go first
7. Give everything a home

A fresh approach to seniors living

Australia’s new concept in seniors living is setting new benchmarks for downsizers by offering a more affordable, higher quality solution that’s exceeding expectations.

Lifestyle-focused land lease communities are the newest seniors housing trend gaining a strong traction in the market as it presents a more viable option for downsizers.

Land lease living breaks down the walls of confusing contracts, complex financial arrangements and questions over legalities, replacing this uncertainty with a more simple and transparent ownership model.

Ingenia Lifestyle is one of Australia’s leading creators of lifestyle communities delivering the unique land lease model that disrupts the traditional DMF/exit fee offering.

Ingenia Chief Operating Officer, Nikki Fisher, said lifestyle communities are specifically tailored to the needs of active, independent seniors where you purchase and own your home, lease the land and pay no stamp duty or exit fees.

“Land lease living is not your average retirement community, saving seniors thousands of dollars with a more affordable price point while introducing a whole new housing market that is not just for retirees but for all types of downsizers.

“It’s supported via government regulations and legislation with strong levels of protection for both home owner and operator providing the security and peace of mind with a variety of social benefits and financial gains,” Nikki said.

Author and seniors finance expert, Rachel Lane, said downsizing can be an exciting time, but it pays to do your research.

“Comparing the different financial arrangements between retirement villages and lifestyle communities is like comparing apples and oranges.

“I find it easiest to break it down into the ingoing, the ongoing and the outgoing,” Rachel explains:

Apples: Retirement villages operate under the Retirement Villages Act with a lease or ‘licence to occupy’ as the ingoing price.

Oranges: In a lifestyle community the price you pay upfront is to buy your own home under a freehold and have a leasehold over the land.

Apples: In a retirement village the weekly or monthly maintenance fee is often called a “general service charge” or “recurrent charge”. For pensioners to be eligible for rent assistance they need to purchase below a certain threshold (currently $207,000).

Oranges: In a lifestyle community they’re called site fees. Because of the unique land lease ownership structure in lifestyle communities, most pensioners qualify for rent assistance on their site fees reducing their ongoing costs by sometimes hundreds of dollars per month.

The greatest confusion comes when exiting. Generally, when selling your home in either you’re likely to incur some costs – typically agent’s fees, marketing expenses or the cost of repairs or improvements.

Apples: In a retirement village, exit fees or deferred management fees (DMF), are standard and likely to be a percentage of either your purchase price or re-sale price, anything from 10% to 30%. The exit fee may also include a sharing of capital gain with the operator.

Oranges: Where you are likely to find the biggest difference is most lifestyle communities do not charge exit fees. You own your own home and it is a will-able asset, so the home owner keeps 100% of any capital gains made on the property if or when they decide to sell their home with no refurbishment fees.

‘Lock-and-leave’ lifestyle great for grey nomads


Ingenia Lifestyle Albury has become the perfect home to seniors looking for a tree-change while taking advantage of the famous ‘grey nomad’ lock-and leave lifestyle.

Since moving to Ingenia Lifestyle Albury, Mervyn Jainer and his wife Tanya, consider themselves to be ‘grey nomads’ – frequently travelling and seeking out
adventures in their retirement.

“We’d much prefer spending our time doing the things we love, like four-wheel-driving and exploring the outdoors, so moving into our new three-bedroom home at Ingenia Lifestyle Albury has been our best decision yet.

“We love to travel, so it’s great to know our home is being looked after while we’re away,” Merv said.

Since opening five years ago, the over 55s community has become a thriving hub for people who want to make the most out of their senior years.

“There is so much to do and see in Albury – everything is right on our doorstep.

“We recently went out with our local four-wheel-drive club and explored Tumbarumba – a small town near the Snowy Mountains – and we are taking off on
another adventure at the end of this month, for quite a few months, which is something we wouldn’t have been able to do if we didn’t live at Ingenia Lifestyle Albury.”

Ingenia Lifestyle Albury has brand new homes starting from $195,000. For more information contact Project Sales Manager, Larissa Denny on 0459 955 122 or
visit www.liveinalbury.com.au

Lara lovebirds rekindle in retirement


Residents at Ingenia Lifestyle Lara have rekindled their love as a twist of fate had them move into the same lifestyle community, buying homes only a stone’s throw away from each other.

Di and Bruce Johnson, both in their sixties, purchased properties at the Ingenia Lifestyle Lara community just outside Geelong in early 2017 unbeknownst to the other.

The ‘meant-to-be’ couple re-found romance when they both began spending time in the community’s Be Active program, where residents meet to partake in social activities focussed on health and wellbeing.

Loved up resident, Bruce, said fate and a new lifestyle had bought the couple back together.

“Although separating was truly awful, we would not have sold our home and downsized to Ingenia Lifestyle Lara otherwise, and if it wasn’t for this fantastic community we might not have gotten back together – it’s been one of the best things to happen to us and our relationship,” Bruce said.

“After we began spending more time together again, I decided to open a love letter Di had written to me when we separated.

“I previously couldn’t bear to read the letter so I hadn’t opened it, but having the new found hope that we were rekindling, I thought what the heck, after reading the letter, I knew I was not letting this woman go…again.”

Di, a former retailer, and Bruce, a retired journalist originally got together in the late 90s and tied the knot 18 months later in Bruce’s backyard in the year 2000.

“When Bruce moved into the community we often saw each other around or passed each other in the street – we both love being social so we had a number of mutual friends in the community,” Di said.

“One day, we were all chatting in the community clubhouse and it came up that I had been a bit unwell – after that Bruce came over for a cup of tea to make sure I was doing ok.

Following that we continued to catch up and run into each other at Ingenia’s Be Active events and activities.

“Within days of deciding we still wanted to be together, we each put our homes on the market and decided to buy a bigger home together, within the Ingenia community.

“As luck would have it, there was an open day that weekend, so we thought it was great timing, or possibly fate.”

The pair planned their second honeymoon and decided the Ingenia brand was their good luck charm and holidayed at Ingenia Holidays Cairns Coconut resort.

Ingenia Lifestyle Lara has brand new homes starting from $290,000.

For more information contact Project Sales Manager, Dianna McGrath on 0476 839 644 or visit www.liveinlara.com.au

Exercising in your senior years

Now with the warmer weather we are seeing many residents pack away their winter woollies and start focusing on staying as fit and healthy as possible, which for most seniors is about regular, moderate exercise.

Ingenia Care General Manager, Janene Eagleton said, it’s important to chat with your doctor before taking up any exercise that gets the heart rate up and firing the muscles.

“In general though, if you follow the rule of starting slowly and listening to your body, then most low-impact exercises should be safe to do without putting too much pressure on aging joints.

“And there are plenty of exercises to choose from. The key is to find an exercise that you enjoy, join with a few friends and stay active.

“You should try to fit in a total of at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day. You don’t even need to do the 30 minutes all in one hit – 10 minutes three times a day will still do the trick,” Janene said. Here are some ways to stay active:

Probably the simplest, cheapest and most social of all activities, all you need is a pair of comfortable shoes with plenty of support, and away you go. Setting up a walking group is always a good idea, as its social and reduces the chances of skipping a day.

Swimming and water-activity:
Lap-swimming is the most popular exercise, however it’s not for everyone, and that’s where water-walking and running, kick-boarding and organised aqua aerobics come in. All are great forms of exercise due to the combined effect of water pressure and coolness on muscles.

Tai Chi and yoga:
Whether you join a specific yoga or tai chi class, buy some dvds or just check out the plethora of instructional videos online (YouTube has thousands), ‘postural’
exercises pretty much tick all four of the Department of Health’s boxes: fitness, strength, balance and flexibility, with the added bonus of including meditative
elements for mental wellbeing.

Housework and gardening:
Yes, we know that most Ingenia Lifestyle residents have chosen our communities to escape housework and gardening, but for those who are still inclined to enjoy
cleaning and pottering in the garden, you’ll be pleased to know that these can still be counted towards your daily exercise if they get your heart rate up.

Stretching and recovery:
After any exercise, it’s important to spend time cooling down and stretching. In yoga, tai chi and guided group exercise, this is usually incorporated in the activity, but if you’ve been for a walk, to the pool or out in the garden, don’t forget to bring the heart rate slowly back to normal, carefully stretch the muscles, and drink plenty of water.

Brand new display precinct unveiled at Lake Conjola


Ingenia Lifestyle Lake Conjola have recently unveiled their new display precinct on the highly sought-after NSW South Coast.

Catering to the growing demand for affordable, lifestyle living options for downsizers, the community welcomed over 100 guests to view their five stylish designs and relaxing surrounds.

Ingenia Lifestyle Lake Conjola Project Sales Manager Catherine Brasier that the opening was well received and with homes starting from $325,500 proving to be a big hit with many seniors looking to improve their lifestyle.

“Downsizing and freeing up their home equity with a simple to understand ownership model were the top motivators for many of our residents,” Ms Brasier said.

“The simple and transparent land lease ownership model means there are no exit or deferred management fees, no stamp duty to pay and no body corporate or strata fees.

“The single weekly site fee gives our residents confidence in knowing there’s no surprises.

“Many people who choose to live in our community are also able to access rental assistance, which is another added comfort each fortnight.

Studies from the Australian Housing and Research Institute[1] show 90 per cent of seniors who downsized were happier, in large part due to the layout and design of more manageable homes.

Ms Brasier said Ingenia Lifestyle homes were designed specifically to improve the lifestyle of downsizers looking to lock and leave.

“Our first residents are already achieving the next step in their downsizing dream by freeing up more of their money to live in a new home, lock up to leave on holidays, upgrade their car or buy a new boat where they can enjoy more time fishing and relaxing in the beautiful surrounds of Lake Conjola.”

For a tour of the Display Village please contact Catherine Brasier on 0459 995 919 or visit www.liveinlakeconjola.com.au for more information.

[1] Australian Housing and Research Institute – Downsizing amongst Older Australians Report, https://www.ahuri.edu.au/research/final-reports/214

“The garden that saved my life”


Ray and Sandy Summers, both in their mid 60s, have spent a lifetime working outdoors, with Ray previously employed as a farm manager in New Guinea and managing gardens in schools and retirement villages in Australia.

“When the doctor told me I had to stop working to save my health I thought it was the end of the world for me, I thought what’s there to do now?,” Ray said.

The couple knew they had to change the way they were living. They had friends living at Ingenia Lifestyle The Grange who were constantly asking them when they were coming to the community, and one day, three years ago they finally did.

“We had a look at a home, walked inside and that was it! We moved in and loved the lifestyle.

“Instead of feeling sorry for myself after retirement I got the garden going. A friend dropped around a wooden boat and we filled it up with potting mix, flowers and plants.

“We have memorial plants for Sandy’s mum and dad as well as my mum. I have a cutting of a 138 year old rose from the early 1800’s. My dad bought it home for mum, but now I look after it.

“Our new lifestyle has made me realise there’s another life after work and I can keep occupied with paddle boarding, fishing or gardening.

Better Homes and Gardens’ Graham Ross visits The Grange!


Ingenia Lifestyle The Grange played host to Channel 7’s Better Homes and Gardens TV crew earlier this month.

The popular DIY, renovation, gardening and cooking TV show was filming a 90 minute show focused on seniors lifestyle living in the Lake Macquarie region and will be aired this Friday 14th September from 7pm.

The residents were ecstatic, and a little overwhelmed, to welcome the celebrity gardener into their personal gardens and receive his advice on recognising species of flowers and plants and his assistance on how to keep insects and pests away, while signing the odd magazines and appearing in photos too.

The community’s communal herb and vege garden was a major feature with resident, Bev Wood and her family, receiving help from Graham with planting colour in the communal garden where residents can take clippings of veges and herbs for their cooking and place a coin donation to keep the garden alive and growing.

The rose garden, green wall of bromeliads and the men’s shed also received a helping hand from Graham.

The community’s Spring Garden competitors were also proud to show off their efforts just in time for their judging in late September.

The over 55s lifestyle community has a strong green spirit with dedicated and well-loved village management and grounds and maintenance keepers who are all loving life at The Grange and loving the associated health and wellness benefits the community is delivering together.

Thanks to all involved for making the TV shoot a success!

The Garden Keeper at The Grange


Being an avid outdoors person, it was no surprise resident Bev Wood has been head keeper of The Grange’s communal herb and vege garden for the past three years.

Bev said, “The garden has been created for all residents to take clippings off and use in their cooking, all just for the cost of a coin donation to keep the garden alive and growing.

“Some of the favourite items I see residents using include silverbeet, summer lettuce, tomatoes, spring onions, and oregano, basil and parsley.

“They love to make salads, frittata with eggs and silverbeet or greens and chilli fried up quickly,” she said.

Bev’s garden was a major feature in the Better Homes and Gardens TV segment with Graham lending a hand and inviting her grandchildren in to help plant more colour in the newly positioned herb and vege raised garden beds.

“My daughter’s really pleased to see me living here, she sees me glowing and busy doing things and I’m extremely happy.

“Moving in here I made a whole lot of friends and I really enjoy the lifestyle.

“Lifestyle living is lovely, it’s a real little community and reminds me as a kid where you used to know all your neighbours and you can chat to them and wave to them.

“It’s friendly, it’s what I really like about it,” Bev said.