Finalist nomination at international innovation awards


We’re excited to announce our over 55s lifestyle community, Ingenia Lifestyle Lara, has been nominated as a finalist in the 7th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards.

The Facility of the Year – Ageing in Place finalist nomination positions Ingenia Lifestyle Lara amongst Asia Pacific’s best in independent seniors living and age-in-place communities with integrated care and services.

Now in its seventh year, the Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards applaud organisations for their innovative and quality approaches to changing the way our region’s older adults age.

Ingenia CEO, Simon Owen said it has been wonderful to be recognised for our contribution in shaping the future in the seniors living landscape.

“Ingenia Lifestyle’s unique and innovative land lease ownership model provides greater peace-of-mind to downsizers with a more simple and transparent seniors living housing model when compared to traditional retirement villages.

“Under the model, residents own their own home and lease the land, rather that purchasing the land upfront, which unlocks more capital from their old home to help fund their golden years,” Simon said.

The land lease model eliminates the need to pay stamp duty fees and with just one simple weekly site fee to pay residents avoid paying exit/DMF fees and do not pay a share in capital gains if or when it comes time to leave.

The popularity of the land lease model is recording a significant increase in sales and enquires with downsizers becoming attracted to the idea of owning a brand new home while upgrading their lifestyle within a resort-style community.

Along with these affordable lifestyle living strategies, Ingenia Lifestyle provides access to Be Active, a free social and lifestyle program and Ingenia Care, a free health and wellbeing service that identifies and supports our residents needs every step of the way.

“Ingenia Care and Be Active were introduced to enhance the lives of residents with monthly events, social engagements and health and wellness workshops so they can live a more independent, socially connected, healthy lifestyle,” Simon said.

Launched in 2013, the Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation awards are driven by Ageing Asia to provide recognition to businesses that demonstrate innovation and operational and service models that change the way seniors age in Asian Pacific countries.

The award ceremony will be held in Singapore on 15 May 2019 as part of the Ageing Asia Innovation Forum, this year focusing on ‘Changing the future of ageing in Asia Pacific’, to showcase the world’s most innovative models that enable healthy ageing, independent ageing and dignified ageing.

Road tripping tips when planning for The Big Lap

We invite Marg McAlister, former editor of Caravan & Motorhome magazine, now retired and living at Ingenia Lifestyle South West Rocks, to tell us a little more about how to plan for a big trip in a caravan around Australia.

There is absolutely nothing like the feeling of sitting down to plan ‘The Big Lap’. You feel as though the whole world is opening up before you, with all kinds of adventures lying around the next bend.

Some RVers simply jump into it with both feet: “We’re retired! Yee ha! Let’s buy a van and see Australia!”, while others have had years of shorter trips under their belts.

Which way should you go? Do you follow the coastal route with a bit of the Kimberly thrown in and a detour down the middle, or do you follow your nose and have just the broadest of itineraries?

What we found on our Big Lap was that a year wasn’t long enough. It ended up being thirteen months, but there was a lot to go back to.

And that’s fine. That’s good. Because once you’ve experienced life on the road, there’s nothing you’ll like better than the feeling of having endless more places to explore.

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The Basics of Planning Your Trip

To plan your trip properly, you need to know:
• The time frame and budget
• Where your RV or rig can travel (Off-road? Set up for free camping? Gazetted roads only?)
• Your own physical strength / limitations
• The direction you intend to travel
• The best time of year to be in certain localities
• Your ‘must see’ destinations.


The Countdown to the Big Lap

6 -12 months out
• Research route and destinations (keeping weather/seasons in mind)
• Decide on trip financing, including sell/rent house or house-sitters
• Decide on RV – motorhome or tow vehicle + van. If buying new, order in plenty of time
• Set tentative departure date.

3-6 months out
• Set up bill pay options
• Clear the decks – house clean up
• Investigate storage options if needed
• Establish budget
• List must-sees and plan basic route.

1-3 months out
• Arrange services or repairs for RV and tow vehicle
• Check that RV is compliant with state laws on your route
• Take out membership in caravan park chains
• Get National Park permits
• Shop for any additional gear needed (including grey waste containers)
• Book ahead for any sites required in peak periods
• Research free camps and budget camps and include in route
• Any necessary legal safeguards – wills, power of attorney, enduring guardianship.

1-4 weeks out
• Create checklist and pack RV (paying attention to correct weight distribution)
• Book caravan parks for first section of trip
• Have a farewell party!


Staying Safe on the Road 

Safety on the road is perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind when you are planning the “Big Trip” around Australia, however Marg McAlister says it is something that needs consideration before and during the trip. 

“Most importantly, you’ll  need to have a safe, roadworthy vehicle and a van that are both suited to the area in which you plan to travel.  Owning the latest 4×4 with winches, tow ropes, CB radios and other bells and whistles isn’t going to help much if you travel into rugged off-road areas while towing a lightweight van not designed for the task. You may get away with it – but it’s more than likely you won’t,” Marg said.

Marg suggests if you are travelling with a partner, can both of you handle towing the rig if one is ill or not able to do the driving and set-up?

“Twice during our trip we came across a travelling duo where one of them was seriously ill. They were unable to continue travelling until the driver had recovered.  This created additional expense and required major changes to their travel plans. 

You’ve probably heard the saying “criminals don’t take holidays”. Practice common sense when securing personal belongings and avoid risky situations where possible.

“Free camping is a popular and economical way of travelling. However, exercise care when choosing a camping spot. Road side rest areas close to towns, with poor facilities, sometimes attract the local ‘hoons’ and may not be the best choice. Tell-tale signs of possible trouble at any camp spot include broken glass, empty alcohol containers, “wheelie” tyre tracks and excess rubbish. Sites that are popular with other free-camping travellers are generally the safest,” Marg said.

On driver fatigue, Marg said it can be avoided if you share the driving chores, but they have found, as have many others, that one person tends to do most of the driving.

“We try and set ourselves somewhere around 300-350 kilometres or approximately 4 hours of driving a day, plus a break mid-way.

“Towing a van does take extra concentration and effort. Pace yourself and enjoy the trip. 

“Finally, make sure someone knows your general travel arrangements. There is no need to check back home with family every time you hop into the car, but arrange a regular “phone home” call so someone knows you are safe, well and enjoying your journey,” Marg suggests.


Author: Marg McAlister, with permission to reprint from Caravan & Motorhome magazine.

Downsizing comes with more advantages

As house prices in many of Australia’s capital cities begin to peak, asset-rich cash-poor downsizers are missing out on an opportunity to unlock their existing home equity and improve their lifestyle.

If downsizing the family home is on your bucket list, there’s now more incentive to keep on progressing with that goal and take advantage of Ingenia Lifestyle Red Ribbon Sale*, saving over 55s thousands of dollars.

Project Sales Manager, Larissa Denny said the Red Ribbon Sale is giving new clients the next stepping stone to achieving their downsizing dream, particularly for those ready to place a deposit and settle on the purchase of their new home.

“I love asking my clients the question, ‘what would you do with the extra cash in the bank?’ Head away on a holiday? Upgrade your car? Go on a shopping spree? Buy a boat or caravan?

“For a limited time only, place a deposit on your new home at selected Ingenia Lifestyle communities by mid-March, settle prior to mid-June, and kick start a brand new lifestyle,” Larissa said.

Ingenia Lifestyle has a real understanding of how to improve the lifestyle of downsizers with the land lease ownership model allowing purchasers to own a new home at a more affordable price point, giving them the opportunity to free up their money.

“The very simple and transparent land lease ownership model means there are no exit / DMF fees, there’s no stamp duty to pay, no council rates and no body corporate or strata fees. With just one weekly site fee to cover our buyers have more confidence in knowing there’s no surprises.

“Many lifestyle community residents are also able to access rental assistance, another added comfort each fortnight and take part in the wellbeing and social and lifestyle programs so residents can continue to live independently and maintain community connections.

“Downsizers also have a lot more time to enjoy their new lifestyle with less cleaning and maintenance on their homes so they can start their next exciting chapter in life, exploring new skills, travelling or meeting new friends and reconnecting with old,” Larissa said.

With brand new homes selling from just $195,000 there’s a real opportunity for you to downsize and free up your cash reserves that stay in your back pocket.

If downsizing is on your bucket list for 2019, make an appointment to see us today!

*The Red Ribbon Sale allows you to save up to $9,200 and is available at selected communities for a limited time only:

Chambers Pines 
Hunter Valley
Lake Conjola
The Grange 

*Offer is subject to terms and conditions. Please speak with our friendly staff members for more information.

Downsizers ride the property wave


Leading land lease community developer Ingenia Lifestyle continues to defy the odds by beating the property slump in New South Wales, with 2018 seeing some of the best increase in sales in the company’s six-year history.

With a favourable land lease model – where residents own their home and lease the land – and with zero stamp duty fees, Ingenia Lifestyle presents over 55s with an affordable way to own their own home while increasing their disposable income to indulge other lifestyle pursuits.

The popularity of the model comes at a time when the residential property market is reaching peak levels, prompting over 55s to fast-track their downsizing plans so that they can achieve the highest sale price possible and fund a more comfortable future.

Like many local downsizers, Neil and Shirley Meagher purchased a home in Ingenia Lifestyle’s Lake Conjola community after looking at a number of lifestyle communities, and were drawn to the financial gains that comes with the land lease ownership model.

“We’ve visited Lake Conjola in our caravan for the past few years – why wouldn’t we want to live in a holiday destination and free up our finances to go on further adventures?” Mr Meagher said.

“We wanted to live somewhere that suited our goals for our retirement and spend precious time and money on things we enjoy and have always wanted to do.

“The money we had planned to use to pay for stamp duty we have now put towards a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ holiday to The Kimberley.”

Ingenia Chief Operating Officer Nikki Fisher said by avoiding the property slump in NSW, grey nomads were hitting the lifestyle jackpot by investing in homes with Ingenia Lifestyle communities across the state.

“Ingenia Lifestyle’s communities – particularly in suburban areas and coastal fringes – are not following the property low in the state,” she said.

“In fact, the end of 2018 saw the strongest period of new sales we’ve ever seen.”

“Residents who make the move into lifestyle communities are looking for more than security and low-maintenance living,” she said.

“They are after lifestyle – they can enjoy their golden years prioritising their lifestyles, memories and ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experiences that all comes with freeing up their time and money downsizing into a land lease community.”

Rolling out the welcome mat


Ingenia Lifestyle Lake Conjola has received an overwhelming response from guests and clients coming to visit the community during December and the Experience Summer of events in January.

Project Sales Manager, Catherine Brasier, said they welcomed over 40 groups and have received lots of interest from downsizers in the local area of south NSW.

“So far the favourite home design attracting the most attention is the Laurel and Melaleuca (deck to rear) and the Astelia. All these designs can accommodate two cars which we are finding is an important requirement for the Lake Conjola region.

“What’s also a winning factor is the land lease ownership model and the absolute simplicity of it. We’re finding many of our clients are loving the transparency and ease and they’re so well-informed about our unique offering that it’s now becoming a footnote in the conversation,” Catherine said.

Ingenia Lifestyle Lake Conjola expect to be even busier in the next few months with a high number of move-ins which will double the community in a short space of time.

“Adding to that, we look forward to launching a new stage release in early February, which we already have 15 First Choice Club deposits registered on,” Catherine said.

Brand new homes are selling now from $332,500, for more information contact Catherine Brasier on 0459 995 919 or visit

New RV / caravan home designs launching soon


In exciting product news, Ingenia Lifestyle has unveiled new home design concepts to suit lock up and leave residents in Queensland. 

Designed to meet the growing demand from downsizers, Ingenia Lifestyle’s new home design concepts will provide Queenslanders with a fresh taste for adventure, with homes equipped to fit a caravan or recreational vehicle (RV).

Regional Sales Manager, Sharon Manson said residents appreciate being able to house RVs and caravans in their garages as it supports their lock up and leave lifestyle. “Grey nomads can unlock more cash and live a more flexible low maintenance lifestyle,” Sharon said.

The new range of homes will officially launch to market in February 2019 with construction planned for early to mid-2019 in the Logan area and later in Hervey Bay. Interested clients will be able to view the concept plans for the new home designs, which have the option to house their travelling homes within their own properties.

Contact Sharon Manson for more information on 0448 165 524.

Ticking off a bucket list of adventures


South East Queensland downsizers can continue to tick off their bucket list with Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania’s lock up and leave lifestyle becoming an increasingly popular option for the over 50s.

Under the innovative land lease ownership model, downsizers can purchase a brand new home and lease the land while eliminating the need to pay stamp duty fees with no complicated exit fees.

Project Sales Manager Wendy Hobson said those who look to downsize and relocate to an over 50s lifestyle community often pay less for their new home, which provides them with more capital to fund their senior years.

“Many residents can look forward to easily planning a trip with a ‘no fuss’ home that requires little maintenance, located in a safe and secure community.

 “Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania’s affordable lifestyle has been a big part of the freedom that residents experience while they’re off travelling around in their RVs or caravans or overseas ticking off their bucket list,” Wendy said.

Residents and grey nomads Lee and Norma Falconer love being part of their Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania community – that is – when they’re not busy travelling.

“We downsized from our home after close to 40 years living in the Logan region so we could live more of a lock and leave lifestyle.

“Last year we were away for four-and-a-half months – we towed the caravan down to Ingenia Holidays White Albatross and then up to Far North Queensland where we cruised on a cargo ship, it was fantastic!

“We have also been on some overseas trips with more planned too,” Lee and Norma said.

They both agree the best thing about living in a lifestyle community has been the variety of opportunities to lock and leave but also the social connections the community provides.

“We love being at home sitting out on the front patio in the afternoon talking to people as they come past.

“We have made so many friends living in this community – it’s nice to know our home is safe while we are gone, the garden is maintained and our neighbours just help keep an eye out,” Lee and Norma said.

Congratulations Latitude One! Winner of the national marketing excellence award


The marketing campaign to launch Ingenia Lifestyle’s flagship over 55s community at Port Stephens on the NSW central coast has been recognised at the National Retirement Living Awards 2018.

Latitude One is located at Anna Bay and will consist of 270 brand new homes, offering a modern gold-class resort-style community for over 55s under the land lease ownership model.

The Marketing Excellence Award was presented to Ingenia Lifestyle at a gala ceremony at Parliament House in Canberra in November.

The high-level marketing objectives for the Latitude One campaign included establishing the project as a desirable brand in the local area; increasing awareness through targeted advertising, community engagement and marketing; attracting purchasers over two stages; building a database of qualified leads and achieving settlements.

The strategy saw sales objectives reached months ahead of schedule, with thirty Stage One homes completed and settled four months early.

Stage Two homes were fast-tracked and released for sale and were oversubscribed, leading to the early release of Stage Three of the project.

Latitude One has been a collaborative effort by sales, marketing and development and continues to set new benchmarks in the industry, now to be recognised by the peers in the industry for its excellence has been exciting and rewarding.

The National Retirement Living Awards recognise the contribution and achievements across all areas of the retirement living sector by the people and companies helping ensure senior Australians have an enjoyable retirement.

Bethania clubhouse extension adds more to resident’s lifestyle


A brand new extension has been added to the existing clubhouse at Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania with an array of new facilities and activities for residents that is building upon the already flourishing lifestyle.

Community Manager, Linda Thompson said it’s been very rewarding to see the residents enjoy the new space as they pass on their thanks to Ingenia for putting so much into their community.

“The new deck has totally changed the social atmosphere and the activities. The residents now enjoy a more enhanced outlook with closer river views and brisk breezes on the deck for happy hour, BBQs and to use the new pizza oven, a welcome addition.

“The residents are also enjoying the new gym with additional equipment and the Community Shed has also been a hit with many residents, both men and women, taking the time to be creative or do a few repair jobs in the comfort of the air conditioning,” Linda said.

New community clubhouse unveiled at Lake Conjola


Ingenia Lifestyle Lake Conjola is well on its way to becoming a thriving community as the community unveiled its new $2.5 million contemporary style clubhouse and facilities with residents, guests and local dignitaries  attending the official opening ceremony on Wednesday 12 December.

The brand-new clubhouse will become a social and entertainment hub for resident events and gatherings, with expansive verandahs and a multitude of resort-style facilities including an outdoor pool, library, entertainer’s kitchen and barbecue facilities.

Shoalhaven Mayor Councillor Amanda Findley and Member for South Coast, The Hon. Shelley Hancock MP joined Ingenia General Manager Operations Corrie Milne in cutting the ribbon to officially open the clubhouse to residents.

Corrie said the new clubhouse would become a popular hub for residents and the wider community with a range of new facilities for everyone to enjoy.

“Our residents have been keenly watching the clubhouse come together and are all eager to make the most of the new facilities, especially the outdoor pool and gym to keep fit and healthy.

“At Ingenia, we pride ourselves on creating vibrant and engaged communities and I think the facilities we are unveiling today really embody the sense of community that exists within Lake Conjola and as new residents move in, our community will continue to foster strong friendships amongst residents,” Corrie said.

Catering to a variety of exercise preferences, the clubhouse will also feature an air-conditioned gymnasium designed for all fitness levels, a games room and an outdoor putting green.

Residents will also be able to take advantage of Ingenia’s new social and lifestyle program, Be Active, introduced to enhance the lives of residents with free monthly events, social engagements and health and wellness workshops.