Ticking off a bucket list of adventures


South East Queensland downsizers can continue to tick off their bucket list with Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania’s lock up and leave lifestyle becoming an increasingly popular option for the over 50s.

Under the innovative land lease ownership model, downsizers can purchase a brand new home and lease the land while eliminating the need to pay stamp duty fees with no complicated exit fees.

Project Sales Manager Wendy Hobson said those who look to downsize and relocate to an over 50s lifestyle community often pay less for their new home, which provides them with more capital to fund their senior years.

“Many residents can look forward to easily planning a trip with a ‘no fuss’ home that requires little maintenance, located in a safe and secure community.

 “Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania’s affordable lifestyle has been a big part of the freedom that residents experience while they’re off travelling around in their RVs or caravans or overseas ticking off their bucket list,” Wendy said.

Residents and grey nomads Lee and Norma Falconer love being part of their Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania community – that is – when they’re not busy travelling.

“We downsized from our home after close to 40 years living in the Logan region so we could live more of a lock and leave lifestyle.

“Last year we were away for four-and-a-half months – we towed the caravan down to Ingenia Holidays White Albatross and then up to Far North Queensland where we cruised on a cargo ship, it was fantastic!

“We have also been on some overseas trips with more planned too,” Lee and Norma said.

They both agree the best thing about living in a lifestyle community has been the variety of opportunities to lock and leave but also the social connections the community provides.

“We love being at home sitting out on the front patio in the afternoon talking to people as they come past.

“We have made so many friends living in this community – it’s nice to know our home is safe while we are gone, the garden is maintained and our neighbours just help keep an eye out,” Lee and Norma said.

Bethania clubhouse extension adds more to resident’s lifestyle


A brand new extension has been added to the existing clubhouse at Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania with an array of new facilities and activities for residents that is building upon the already flourishing lifestyle.

Community Manager, Linda Thompson said it’s been very rewarding to see the residents enjoy the new space as they pass on their thanks to Ingenia for putting so much into their community.

“The new deck has totally changed the social atmosphere and the activities. The residents now enjoy a more enhanced outlook with closer river views and brisk breezes on the deck for happy hour, BBQs and to use the new pizza oven, a welcome addition.

“The residents are also enjoying the new gym with additional equipment and the Community Shed has also been a hit with many residents, both men and women, taking the time to be creative or do a few repair jobs in the comfort of the air conditioning,” Linda said.

Creating a close-knit bond for a good cause


Ingenia and Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC) have joined forces to create a unique partnership supporting Australian families with seriously ill children.

Various groups of needle-sharp seniors participating in the Knitting from the Heart initiative, as part of the Ingenia Lifestyle Be Active program, have put their decades of knitting skills to work to create over 400 beanies, 30 teddy bears and countless other knitted goods such as scarves, knee blankets and handcrafted coat hangers for the Ronald McDonald Family Rooms.

The rooms are a warm and welcoming home away from home inside the hospital, away from the clinical environment of the wards.

Managed by volunteers, the family rooms contain lounge areas, sleeping rooms, laundries, cooking facilities and more. This means there is always somewhere the family can unwind.

In these rooms, as well as in the houses themselves, there are baskets containing hand knitted beanies and teddies for children and mothers to take as they desire, which is where all of our resident’s creations will be donated to.

Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania resident, Diana Culley, said the craft group meets weekly to create soft goods to sell and donate to various charities, including RMHC, the Fred Hollows Foundation, Red Cross Australia, Mission Possible and various drought relief efforts.

“In addition to supporting various charities, our knitting group provides hundreds of clothes, blankets and comfort toys to the Logan Hospital each year,  including soft octopi for premature babies to cuddle,” she said.

Community Spirit Flows to all Corners of the World


No matter what corner of the world you may find yourself in, being part of a supportive community connects you up to all levels of kindness, great neighbours and lasting friendships.

For Mike and Anna Hedley, downsizing to over 50s lifestyle community, Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania assisted them to retire in comfort and follow their calling in life, to volunteer on mission trips in South East Asia, all the while, back at home the community spirit was kept well alight.

“It’s great to be a part of a community where we can lock up and go, we know our neighbours are able to look after the garden if it needs a water and keep an eye on our home – everyone in the community is so lovely, it makes being away less stressful and coming home even better.”

“We get to enjoy the full experience and lifestyle of living here and one of the greatest opportunities that Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania has allowed us is the safety and freedom to keep our hearts full and enjoy life,” Mike said.

Prior to downsizing, Mike and Anna had a long career owning and operating a wholesale company manufacturing and installing custom data cables for corporations in the mining sector, factories, hospitals, councils and churches.

They managed the business firstly under their Wishart home supplying clients stretching from the Gold Coast up to the northern tips of Queensland and after outgrowing their space they purchased an office and warehouse in Upper Mount Gravatt, giving them more opportunity to export internationally to Papua New Guinea.

After a long career they decided to purchase a home in a retirement community, settling into Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania about 10 years ago.

“Our years in our Bethania community have been ones of peace, prosperity and purpose – it’s our little piece of heaven on Earth – it’s clear the residents here are pleasant and truly enjoy life to the full.

“It has been a joyful experience for myself and my wife Anna, knowing we could retire, live in a great community and still follow our calling in life.

“I still go back to Asia two to three times a year while Anna stays at home – I can rest easy, when I am away, knowing Anna is in safe hands,” Mike said.

For more information on Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania please contact our Project Sales Manager, Leanne Tate on 0459 872 261 or visit www.liveinbethania.com.au

The Benefits to Downsizing in Your Early 50s


Making the move in their early 50s has allowed Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania downsizers, Lynette and and her husband Peter, more flexibility, security and the ability to make new friends.

Since downsizing from their New Farm property, Lynette and  Peter have been able to travel for up to eight months at a time knowing that their home was secure.

“We downsized into Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania when I was just 48 years-old and my husband had not long turned 50 and used it as our base while we travelled around Australia,” Mrs Ward said.

“It was great downsizing when we did – we were able to be close to family and still have the flexibility to travel where we wanted.

“Knowing that if we choose to go away for a weekend – or longer – that our home is safe and that our neighbours are keeping an eye on it for us was also a major drawcard for us when choosing where to downsize to.

“We have great neighbours here at Ingenia, but they are more than that; they are now some of our closest friends.”

For more information about Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania please contact Leanne Tate on 0459 872 261 or visit www.liveinbethania.com.au

Energetic downsizers keep the community spirit moving at Bethania

Residents at Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania know how to live an active lifestyle in their pet-friendly lifestyle community, where health and wellness is a top priority.

Village Manager Linda Thompson said residents really embrace healthy living and they strive to maintain their active lifestyles – including by starting a dog walking group for everyone in the community to enjoy.

“The daily walks around the community are just one of the many ways in which the residents and their canine friends socialise and remain connected.

“With such a tranquil setting, residents have the perfect location to have a chat while staying active, there are even a few challenging inclines that give them and their dogs a real work out,” Linda said.

Founding member of the dog walking group, Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania resident Reenie Butler, said the group is so well known that more than 10 residents participate every day.

“We love walking around the beautiful streetscapes. It’s quiet, clean and we know we feel safe to walk around on our own.

“We all walk at our own pace and then meet up at the pergola near the river so our dogs can play – and of course get a few treats.

“Whenever new residents move in, we always make an effort to invite them to come and join. It’s a fantastic way for them to meet the rest of the community and stay fit and healthy,” Rennie said.

Setting new benchmarks in over 50s living, Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania allows seniors to pursue a financially stable lifestyle based on independence, health and wellbeing – all while enjoying a new active lifestyle. Brand new homes are available from just $299,000. Contact Sharon Manson on 0448 165 524 or visit www.liveinbethania.com.au

Resident Talents Shine at Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania


With 15.2 per cent of Australia’s population aged over 65 years[1], there are decades of experience and skills on offer from older Australians in our communities.

This year’s International Day of the Older Person theme shines a light on how society can enable and strengthen the contributions of older people in their community and harness their invaluable knowledge and expertise.

First introduced by the United Nations in 1990, International Day of the Older Person honours the contribution and values older generations bring to society.

Seventy-five year old, Hurbet Van Hoof from Ingenia Lifestyle’s Bethania community in Queensland is embracing this year’s International Day of Older Persons theme – Stepping into the Future: Tapping the Talents, Contributions and Participation of Older Persons in Society – eagerly contributing his skills and sharing his many years of industry experience.

When Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania began designing the extension for its community clubhouse extension, it turned to veteran architect and resident Hubert Van Hoof.

Hubert, who has lived in the community for the past five years said he was more than happy to get involved and help design the clubhouse extension to best suit his fellow residents.

“My inspiration for becoming an architect stemmed from my two grandfathers, one was an artist and one was an architect. With a passion for both fields it was a blessing that becoming an architect actually combines both professions,” Mr Van Hoof said.

“In my career as an architect I have been fortunate to have a great deal of experience in designing facilities specifically for older people, including three senior citizen centres, an aged care hostel and units for the aged in country areas.

With more than four decades of experience in the architecture industry, Hubert offer’s invaluable insights into the new design and functionality of the extension.

“The clubhouse extension will help cater to our growing community with additional spaces for residents to relax and socialise.

“We have included additional event and private function spaces where residents are able to hold functions without impacting the use of the clubhouse by other residents.”

[1]http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/[email protected]/Latestproducts/3101.0Main%20Features6Dec%202016?opendocument&tabname=Summary&prodno=3101.0&issue=Dec%202016&num=&view=

Downsize Without Compromising on Lifestyle


South East Queensland seniors looking to downsize their family home are making a noticeable shift towards upsizing their downsizer, preferring a more spacious home design with a larger floor plan to match their new lifestyle.

Logan’s over 50s community, Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania, is recording this emerging trend with an increasing amount of clients expressing interest in the new three-bed homes and the two-bed plus study designs over the other floor plans.

Project Sales Manager, Sharon Manson, said although downsizing represents a new opportunity for over 50s to move into a smaller home, what they’re really after is a similar reflection of their previous lifestyle with all the benefits of downsizing.

“We’re finding clients aren’t willing to compromise on space and quality in their new home and are seeking out designs with larger internal living spaces and extra bedrooms to accommodate guests and grandchildren or family heirlooms and extra furniture.

“The feedback from our buyers is that, while they are going through a decluttering process, the larger floor plan means they don’t need to say goodbye to everything. Another added benefit is their new homes are now easier to clean and maintain without the large backyards,” Sharon said.

Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania has brand new homes that are delivering flexibility and added benefits to seniors who are looking to reduce the burden of their large family home and potentially unlock some of their equity to fund the next stage of their life.

“The new three-bedroom home designs are selling fast with only a final few homes available and the next most popular floor plan, the two bed plus study with two bath and double lock up garage, selling from just $329,000.

“A number of new homes have just been released providing an opportune time for prospective downsizers to inspect the homes and our community,” Sharon said.

Guests will be able to explore the increasingly popular lifestyle-focussed land lease community model, which is becoming the fastest growing option for downsizers looking to boost their financial health and are specifically tailored to meet the needs of active seniors where they lease the land and secure ownership of a brand new home.

Setting new benchmarks in quality affordable senior’s accommodation, Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania allows over 50s to pursue a financially stable lifestyle based on independence, health and wellbeing – all while enjoying a new active lifestyle.

For more information on downsizing visit Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania or contact the Project Sales Manager, Sharon Manson on 0448 165 524. Visit www.liveinbethania.com.au

Making Holidays More Relaxing at Ingenia


Seasoned campers from Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania have been treated with a lovely visit to sister community, Ingenia Holidays Kingscliff, after they won a prize participating in their community’s charity fundraiser last year.

The gift voucher was part of the inaugural Bethania Christmas Lights Competition, and the winners, Graham and Joan Pickford, used the voucher to stay at Kingscliff, along with another eight couples from Bethania who used their Gold Cards to obtain their discount.

Half of the group also belong to a small Phoenix Caravan Group and suggested they use Ingenia Holidays Kingscliff on the same weekend for their monthly outing.

This resulted in another five caravans joining our happy Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania family for the weekend. Graham and Joan and two other couples booked into the cabins with the others taking their caravans.

All the residents gave nothing but high praise for the staff and management at Kingscliff. Many of them have visited Kingscliff and other tourism parks previously using their Ingenia Gold Card and are now looking forward to visiting our new holiday park in Cairns for the winter.

Bethania residents, Marshall and Mavis Brown, love the Ingenia Gold Card and think it’s a great incentive to encourage them to travel further afield, checking in and out of Ingenia Holidays’ parks rather than booking into other camping facilities.

“Because of the wonderful service from all the Ingenia staff we tell all our friends and travelling acquaintances about Ingenia Holiday and Lifestyle communities.

“We have already booked back into Kingscliff for the Easter holidays with our two sons and families.

“Receiving the marketing emails is also a great idea to keep us up to date with what’s happening at Ingenia Holidays and makes us feel like we are part of one big family.

“Our friends who live in the Bethania community are travelling interstate at the moment received one of the emails which identified a discount at Ingenia Holidays Broulee in NSW. They have now detoured their travels to book in there for two nights!

“We can’t thank our Bethania community manager, Cheryl, enough for organising the Christmas celebrations and Kurt and his staff at Kingscliff for making our stay a relaxing, enjoyable visit,” Marshall and Mavis said.

New Year’s Resolutions Trigger Downsizing Enquiries 


A combination of changes to pensions from January 1 and New Year’s resolutions is triggering enquiries to Logan over 50s communities from locals looking to downsize in 2017, according to Ingenia Lifestyle Project Sales Manager Sharon Manson.

Ms Manson said she had noticed a spike in the number of enquiries in recent weeks at Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania as people began to kick their New Year’s resolutions into gear and consider downsizing to a home of a more manageable size.

“The pension changes are also forcing some to consider new housing options and pursue a lifestyle based on independence, health and wellbeing,” Ms Manson said.

“Our village at Bethania, with its innovative land lease model, provides the perfect alternative for prospective homebuyers, particularly with the launch of new home designs and new floor plans open for inspection this year.”

Ms Manson said much of the demand felt by the lifestyle community had been from those over 50 looking for a different lifestyle, and is inviting the community to inspect what was on offer.

Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania will be open to the public on Saturday, February 4 at 10am to 2pm, and will reveal new homes and floors plans with more choices to create and personalise their new home.

“Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania has been expanding at a rapid pace, heeding the demand from the local over 50s,” Ms Manson said.

“We’ve thrown open the doors for people to see how the new home designs have evolved and give them a chance to take into consideration a number of standout functional spaces available, like the larger walk-in-wardrobes.

“So whether you’re ready now or just starting to research your downsizing options, the open day is a great way to learn what’s out there and, you never know, maybe even reserve your favourite home site.

“With brand new homes starting from just $299,000 now really is the time to put those New Year’s resolutions into place.”

Local Logan businesses, associations, and service providers will join children’s charity Variety Qld on site throughout the open day, helping to raise funds while providing invaluable information for over 50s.

Those in attendance will have a chance to win Variety’s $5,200 tinnie and trailer package, proudly donated by Ingenia Lifestyle, or a cruise valued at $5,000. Ingenia Lifestyle will also be presenting the 2016 cruise competition winner who was drawn at random from a promotion held last year. The lucky winner was a couple form Boronia Heights who are being presented with the prize as part of the formalities at the open day event.

For more information Open Day or the new home designs please contact Sharon Manson on 0448 165 524.